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Radiator Guards - Cover and Protect for Safer Radiators

Decorative Regency Brass Grilles for Radiator Covers and Cabinets

Radiators can be a source of danger, particularly to young children and the elderly.
The hot surface temperature of a radiator can exceed safe levels causing serious burns when in contact with the skin.
Legislation now exists for protection against these dangers in public places and residences such as nursing/care homes, classrooms and children's nurseries. 
Radiator guards are one of the most cost effective ways to comply with these new changes with the added benefit of improving the look and feel of these areas. 
In addition, the flow of heat from your radiator can be greatly improved with radiator guards, which direct the warmth into the room rather than up the wall or often behind curtains.
Coverscreen produce a range of guards that can provide you with all of these benefits at very reasonable prices and no compromise in build quality.
  • We offer strong cabinets made from sturdy 18mm MDF (compared to many 15mm models available).
  • Safer, rounded top corners option.
  • Extra strength grille panels if required.
  • Three point wall fixing ensures floor standing stability
  • Strong joints and wrap around plinth (on most models) acts as a skirting to protect the cabinet from everyday knocks caused by shoes and cleaning equipment.

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Please browse are website and view the many models and options available.
Then simply let us know your choices and sizes as requested by our measuring guide, and we will swiftly manufacture and deliver your covers, ready assembled and painted if you choose.
With skirting cut-outs available, all that is required is for you to unwrap your cover and secure to the wall.
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