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Ready assembled, quality radiator cabinets made to measure and painted if you choose.

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Made to measure Radiator Cabinets. Designed to hide your radiator, direct heat flow and provide protection from the hot surface of the radiator.
Quality and style delivered to your door ready assembled.
Radiator Cabinets can be painted if you choose.
Pictured below are just a few examples of the radiator covers we can offer.
Classic with flutes
Elegant Classic with Flutes
Woburn Radiator Cabinets
Elegant Classic in oak veneer
Custom Classic in oak veneer
Rustic Pine with mahogany stain
Rustic pine in mahogany stain
Chatsworth painted blue
Chatsworth requested in blue

Rustic Pine in antique wax
Antique waxed Rustic Pine

Contemporay with custom front panel
Custom Contemporary
Small Chatsworth painted white
Small Chatsworth Cabinets
Regal Classic with aluminium grille
Regal Classic with aluminium radiator grille
2 panel Contemporary
2 panel Contemporary
Elegant Classic with flutes in bare mdf
Elegant Classic with flutes in unfinished mdf
Single panel Chatsworth
Single panel Chatsworth
Rustic Pine with lattice grille and mahogany stain~
Rustic Pine with lattice grille and mahogany stained cabinets
Single panel Standard Classic
Single panel Standard Classic
Single panel contemporary
Single panel contemporary
 Decorative Regency Brass Grilles for Radiator Covers and Cabinets
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